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Saturday, October 8, 2011

500 days ago Beatrice Jean was one of many young women that had a dream. She wanted to do more, be more than where she was at the time. So many times young people in her position never follow through with initiating things to make their dreams come true. They get content with their “normal” lives, not wanting to disturb anything on the risk they’ll lose something. Meanwhile they get depressed and angry that they’re not doing anything.

Beatrice could have let that happen. But she began a series of actions that put her on a course that has resulted in so many positive things it’s almost hard to believe. Despite much of her time involved with college (which she graduated) and work full-time, Beatrice made sure she did as much as she could to put herself in a position to be seen by decision makers and booked in the fields of modeling she is pursuing. The results?

Some of the accomplishments includes her first movie role in the film “CheckMate”

A special accomplishment for her was being a featured hair model in the Publication Hype Hair Magazine.

With credits with VH1, Miller Lite, and the tv show “Burn Notice” and more
Beatrice Jean has compiled a very impressive resume. There is nothing that Beatrice Jean can’t do once she puts her mind to it, and obviously this proud Haitian has the looks.

Because of her investments in acting training, top notch photography and other facets to making herself better, Beatrice Jean is ahead of the game. You could be the next person to have her add value to your project. 2011 is almost over but it’s not too late to book Beatrice Jean!

Read more about Beatrice Jean

Beatrice Jean has the class, spunk, look and style

Headshot by VXN Studios

These were shot at the Viceroy Hotel

I had a great time shooting with VXN STUDIOS as you can see

Here is a Behind the Scene image

Make-up by Donovan Lamar

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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-2010 *Atlanta's "Peach of the Week" BEATRICE JEAN 08/08/10-08/14/10

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-2010 * "Dime of the Day" 9/7/2010 … ejean.html

Model On the rise "Six Twelve Mag" Feature


Page 29-30

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Ford Ent Magzine Feature

June 2011 Page 14-15

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Life & Style Magazine -->> Another Vh1 Miami Print ad Check out page 19.

Ceck out Life & Style Magazine. You will see me and the other beautiful models with Steven Ward enjoying South Beach on page 19.

Look what I found at Walmart!!!

Another VH1 Tough love Miami print Ad. I am the 2nd model on the Left hand side.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Miller Lite Promo

On my way to do promo's for "Miller Lite"

At the First Location "Joe Cracker" and they Loved me.

I gave out all sorts of goodies like Hats, Duffle bags, Key chains, Beer openers, T-shirts, Beer Koozie and etc..

At the 2nd location "Alligators" You can tell had a great time.

Last but not least at the 3rd Location "Buffalo Wings and Rings". They were so happy to see the "Miller Lite girl". I got so many compliments like you are so beautiful, you have a nice body, your smile is beautiful. Everyone loved me. All you heard was "Hey, Miller Lite Girl you rock!"

I had a great time working for Miller Lite for the 2nd time.
Many more to come

Vh1 "Tough Love Miami" Print Ad

So my sister called me saying "Yo I see your body in LifeStyle Magazine". I was like "No way" and she was like "yes way, you printed for VH1 Tough Love Print Ad Miami." So I went to Walmart and got me a copy lol.

I am on the left handside. So enjoy the little part of me you can see.

Beatrice Jean in her first film project, “Check Mate”

Check Mate is a story about an urban chess tournament, where the grand prize is 10 million dollars and how the people in the tournament are effected and what some are willing to do to “win it all”. It is another production from Prime Factor Films (

You always want to learn and grow, and that is what Beatrice Jean did this past weekend in Atlanta.

Checkmate (FILM)


Beatrice Jean has added acting to her repertoire with her film debut, “Checkmate”. Here is a glimpse of her in the video soundtrack “She”.

Special Thanks to Brian for shooting my headshot after filming

Hype Hair

When it comes to hair and beauty, Beatrice Jean Got it. Grab the issue of Hype Hair with Meagan Good on the cover to see Beatrice Jean.

Beatrice Jean Bio

Beatrice Jean (Commercial-Print Model & Actress)
PR Contact: 516 298 3633 | PR Executive Rep, Toni-Mateo *
Booking Email: | Miami & Traveling Cities

DETAILS ON BOOKING REQUESTS: Send Email, Check Twitter or For Quick
Response, Just Call. Thanks & God Bless!

Welcome to Miami! Beatrice was born in this amazing city, she is 100% American-Born Haitian. Her childhood was not easy. Money was tight, but she was taught early about saving and work ethic, which stays with her to this day. Beatrice learned about working hard to get what you want. Even as a child Beatrice possessed a star quality.

Beatrice decided to turn her attention toward other long time passions, modeling and acting. Her aspiration is to become a positive role model for young woman by showing them that it is okay to follow your dreams regardless of what society sets as the standard.

Her first thoughts of modeling came despite people telling her she was too short. This did not dissuade her, and early on, proved that she had talent. With a degree in the medical field, Beatrice knows that nothing is guaranteed, so she always has a fall back plan. Over the next five years she will become an established model and actress.

Beatrice has already conquered some of these goals by appearing in her first film called “Checkmate”, she did a print ad for VH1 "Tough Love" and also appeared in her first hair/beauty campaign for “Hype Hair Magazine”. When not working, Beatrice takes time study her craft, learn new recipes, and talk to her fans on Twitter. Beatrice is ready to show the entire world her confidence, her beauty and talent.

I am building up my portfolio so all published photographers are welcome to get in touch w/ me for photoshoots or referrals to promotional ad campaigns.

Includes: Magazine Photoshoots | Catalogues | Celebrity Parties | Print/Editorial | Swimwear | Fashion Shows | Glamour & Beauty Campaigns| Hostess | Trade Shows | Special Appearances | Commercials | Music Videos | Feature Films

All items below marked by (*) are needed for full consideration before we call you or exchange phone numbers. For any requests out-of-town please note all travel related expenses must be paid in advance. Thank You.

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